Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Here is a painting that I just got started on yesterday. I am by-passing the value underpainting where you establish the values first. What I am doing here is certainly a faster way to go but can be more problematic. Not only do I have to concern myself with hitting the right hue and the saturation of the color. I also need to keep in the mind whether the values ( lights and darks) of the color are close to what I am seeing. If not, I will have to do some reworking. I am painting from the background to the foreground of the underpainting.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I have started to put in a light glaze of color to the underpainting. I am using a simple method of application called a "couch". I apply a few dabs of thick stand oil in the area I wish to paint and then rub paint thinner into the oil. (I use Gamsol mineral spirits.) This provides a nice slippery surface to work into and dries within a days time. The stand oil helps keep the paint conditioned and slightly fatty so that it won't crack over time. This is only the first layer of paint that I am putting on right now. This gives me an idea how close my colors are at so that I can tweak them later.